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Sports Facilities


ere at Woldingham school in Surrey, our fantastic range of sporting facilities are available for hire for single use and regular hire.

We regularly host triathlons, aquathlons and charity runs, which take advantage of the peaceful setting, spacious grounds and lovely views in an area of outstanding natural beauty in Surrey

Sports Facilities

Swimming Pool

Surrounded by glass and overlooking the school’s gardens. A tiled floor swimming pool available for private hire for groups, sub-aqua, and training courses with poolside seating area for spectators.

  • 25m indoor pool
  • 0.9m shallow end
  • 1.9m deep end
  • 4 lanes
  • 2 full sized changing rooms with showers
  • Additional outside storage facility available for clubs
  • Size: 25m x 10m

All Weather Pitches 

Our sand-dressed floodlit all-weather pitch, suitable for;

  • Football
  • Hockey
  • Short tennis
  • Fitness
  • Training
  • 11 a-side football
  • 12 tennis courts
Sports - Netball courts

The Netball Courts

We have 6 outdoor hard courts, resurfaced

in 2020.

Wooden shelter for spectators to use.

Sports Hall

Self-contained building within the entrance of the school with a full spectator area. Whether it is for sports coaching or training, this superb indoor multi use space can be hired for a range of activities.

  • 1 basketball court / 2 smaller courts
  • 4 badminton courts
  • 1 volley ball court
  • 1 netball court
  • Martial arts
  • Exercise classes
  • Changing room and toilets available
  • Self catering kitchen
  • Size: 36m x 19m

Tennis Dome

If you love sport but hate bad weather, this is the ideal place to play!

Our indoor court is the jewel in the crown.  The air dome makes a spectacular sight when you first visit, which provides a 1st class sports experience during poor weather.

  • 1 indoor court (tennis dome)

Dance Studio

A versatile space available to host fitness and dance classes.

  • Ballet bar
  • Mirror wall
  • Surround sound system
  • Size 12m by 7.5m
Dance studio

General Opening Hours

Term-time availability:

Mon-Fri 4:30pm-10pm

Saturday 8:15-10pm

Sunday 8:15am-10pm

Woldingham sign

Holiday Availability

Monday-Sunday 8:15am-10:00pm

Frequently asked questions

Everything you will need to know about Sports at Marden Park.

How long can you swim for?2021-01-07T13:56:46+00:00

A minimum of 1 hour is required to booking the swimming pool.  In order to ensure that all hirers get their full time allocation, please be prompt in finishing your session. Any problems please contact our onsite caretakers 01883 654 231.

Can we bring our own food and drink?2020-11-03T15:49:02+00:00

No food or canned drinks are to be taken onto the sports facilities. Water bottles are allowed please ensure ALL litter is removed from the sports facilities, bins are provided.

Can you provide Catering?2020-11-03T15:48:39+00:00

Should your booking be require catering, our onsite catering team will be able to provide a selection of food and drinks, advance notice is required.

Do you have toilet facilities?2020-11-03T15:48:14+00:00

All our sports facilities have access to toilet facilities.

Where should we park?2020-11-03T15:47:31+00:00

Signs will direct users to the designated car park.  Cars are left at owners risk.

How long can I hire the sports facility?2020-11-03T15:46:54+00:00

In order to ensure that all hirers get their full time allocation, please be prompt in finishing your session. Any problems please contact our onsite caretakers 01883 654 231.

What equipment should I bring?2020-11-03T15:46:12+00:00

Our goals are available to use on the Astro, we do ask for them to returned to the area taken from.

What should we wear?2020-11-03T15:45:22+00:00

Please wear appropriate clothing for the activity. It is suggested that users of the pitch cover arms and legs to avoid grazes. Shin guards are strongly recommended for hockey and football activities in addition to any other required protection.

Which footwear can be worn on the Astro?2020-11-03T15:44:57+00:00

Only appropriate footwear will be allowed. This is indicated on the sign at the entrance to the pitch and on the appendix below.  Only those with appropriate footwear are allowed to enter the facility. Anyone wearing inappropriate footwear is required to stand outside the fenced area.


 No Muddy footwear will be allowed on the pitch.

Which sports can use the Astro?2021-01-07T13:58:00+00:00

We recommend the pitch to be hired for hockey, tennis, and recreational football.  However as a Multi Use Games Areas (MUGA) providing the correct footwear is worn, many sports can use the facility.

What type of Astro do you have?2020-11-03T15:43:29+00:00

Our astro is a sand based floodlit AstroTurf.

Can babies swim in the pool?2020-11-03T15:42:52+00:00

Yes, all babies must use the double nappy system which is a disposable swim nappy, with a reusable ‘happy nappy’ over the top.  These fit securely around the thighs and waist and ensure that any accidents stay securely in the nappy.  Disposable nappies may be disposed of in the bin on site.

Happy nappies are a good idea even for toilet trained toddlers, as accidents can happen especially when they are enjoying themselves.   If an accident happens, this unfortunately can close the pool for several days.

Does the time we book the swimming pool include getting changed?2021-01-07T13:58:57+00:00

No, we provide you with an extra 15 minutes at the start and end of your booking for changing.  We ask that you are ready to leave promptly to ensure the pool building is clear for the next group.  Late departures will be charged the hourly rate.

Why does it say ‘no diving, jumping or bombing’?2020-11-03T15:41:42+00:00

Because of the design of the pool, it is not safe to do any of the above.

Can we take photos?2020-11-03T15:41:19+00:00

You will need the agreement of the club organiser.

What is the average pool temperature?2020-11-03T15:40:55+00:00

The average pool temperature is 30 degrees.

What is the maximum number allowed in the pool?2020-11-03T15:40:33+00:00

60 is the maximum number allowed in the pool at any one time and you will need to complete a risk assessment based on the usage of the pool beforehand.

Do you supply towels, swimming costumes or googles?2020-11-03T15:40:09+00:00

No, you will need to supply your own swim wear and towels.

Can we have spectators?2020-11-03T15:39:51+00:00

Yes, there are several benches around the pool to accommodate spectators.  There is no additional seating around the astro, tennis bubble or netball courts.  The sportshall viewing gallery is on the 2nd level.  Hirers should note that we have neighbours close by and there are other community and educational hire activities taking place within the school during the evenings, users should keep noise to a reasonable level. Any unsociable behaviour or language may result in the termination of use.

Do you have changing facilities and showers?2021-01-07T13:59:31+00:00

Yes, for swimming pool users there are 2 changing rooms with 2 showers in each, and a separate toilet facility available.  Showers are not available for other sports facilities.

What do we do when we arrive?2020-11-03T15:39:02+00:00

On arrival, please follow the signage to the swimmers’ designated car park.  Follow the path leading up to the pool; please do not walk on the grass.  Each group is provided with a keypad entry code to enter the building.  The entry code is operational only during the time of hire and will not work if you arrive early.

Does the pool have lifeguards?2020-11-03T15:38:42+00:00

No, as the hirer, you must ensure a lifeguard is always present when the pool is in use and we will need evidence that you will be able to provide this at the time of booking.  Where possible we will provide details of local lifeguards on request.

Can we hire the pool for our swimming club?2023-12-05T22:51:09+00:00

Yes, our pool is hired out to clubs and groups on a sole use basis only for which we charge £56.18 per hour.

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