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Residential Facilities

Woldingham School is an ideal venue in Surrey, for residential groups and for recreational, sport, musical and educational courses. Facilities available include; seminar and classrooms, studios, a large auditorium, other performance spaces and sports facilities. Accommodation, which is suitable for adults and children, ranges from multi-bedded dormitories to single rooms with shared bathroom or en-suite facilities. We can accommodate up to 365 guests. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs. We’ll be happy to help.


West Wing

Key features:

  • 47 single rooms over 2 floors
  • Shared bathroom facilities
  • 1 recreation room
  • 1 service room

South Wing

Key features:

  • 10 single rooms
  • Shared bathroom facilities
  • 1 recreation room
  • 1 service room
Residential - South wing recreation room
Cloister wing

Cloister Wing

Key features:

  • 15 single rooms
  • Shared bathroom facilities
  • 1 recreation room
  • 1 service room

Marian Wing

Key features:

  • 40 single rooms
  • Shared bathroom facilities
  • 1 recreation room
  • 1 service room
Residential - Marian Wing recreation room
Residential - Mansion House bedroom

Mansion House

Key features:

  • 17 dormitory rooms
  • 63 beds over 2 floors
  • Shared bathroom facilities
  • 1 recreation room
  • 1 service room

Berwick House

Key features:

  • 60 single rooms over 3 floors
  • Shared bathroom facilities
  • 1 recreation room
  • 1 service room
Berwick House
Marden House Bedroom

Marden House

Key features:

  • 17 dormitory rooms
  • 62 beds mainly dormitory rooms
  • Shared bathroom facilities
  • 1 recreation room
  • 1 service room

Shanley House

Key features:

  • 68 en-suite rooms over 3 floors
  • Includes 3 disabled rooms
  • 1 recreation room
  • 1 service room
Residential - Shanley house bedroom

Frequently asked questions

Everything you will need to know about our Residential facilities at Marden Park

Where is the local shop?2024-01-12T13:44:59+00:00

Woldingham Village Shop is located 2 miles away. If you require a variety of shops Caterham Town Centre is less than 10 minutes by car. 

Where is the nearest train station?2021-01-07T13:39:15+00:00

Woldingham train station exits directly into Marden Park, trains to both London Bridge, London Victoria and Clapham Junction arriving in approximately 30 minutes.

Where can we hire cycles?2021-01-07T13:37:54+00:00

Surrey Hills Cycle Hire can facilitate your request.

Do you allow children on site?2020-11-03T17:07:35+00:00

Yes, children are allowed on site, however children under the age of 18 must be supervised/accompanied at all times.  Additionally, we do ask that anyone wishing to bring under 18’s on site provide us with a copy of their safeguarding policy in advance of their stay.  For private bookings, under 18’s must be accompanied/supervised by a parent or guardian whilst on campus.

Am I able to take photographs?2020-11-03T17:07:43+00:00

Yes, you can take photographs but only within the hired spaces; please note that it is not permitted to photograph or film people without their permission.

Do you have a cloakroom or storage facilities?2024-01-12T13:46:08+00:00

Unfortunately, we do not have any dedicated cloakroom or storage facilities, however you can book an additional room for use as a cloakroom or storage for the duration of your event, subject to availability and additional charge. 

Do you have a Helipad?2020-11-03T17:07:57+00:00

No, however special arrangements can be made upon if requested in advance.

Is there a minimum number of nights we need to book for?2020-11-03T17:08:04+00:00

A minimum of 4 nights’ stay is required during our peak period through the summer months however during the quieter off peak period we can facilitate a minimum of 2 nights’ stay.

Can we have exclusive use of Woldingham?2020-11-03T17:08:12+00:00

Yes absolutely, conditional upon 90% room occupancy.

Are there disabled facilities for guests?2020-11-03T17:08:19+00:00

Yes, we have two en-suite bedrooms that are suitable for disabled guests with lift access to dining halls however we do suggest a tour of our facilities prior to booking.

Is smoking permitted?2020-11-03T17:08:26+00:00

No, neither smoking nor the use of electronic cigarettes is not permitted in any of the School buildings or grounds.

Is there car parking?2020-11-03T17:08:32+00:00

We have ample car parking available for your guests and signage will be provided to direct you to your designated car park.  Guests who leave their cars overnight, do so at their own risk.

Can I bring my own alcohol?2020-11-03T17:08:40+00:00

No, guests are not permitted to bring their own alcohol to Woldingham.

Is there a bar?2020-11-03T17:08:49+00:00

Yes, we do have a bar on site, however booking is essential as this is operated only when requested in advance.

Can I bring my own catering?2020-11-03T17:09:06+00:00

All catering must be supplied by Woldingham’s in-house catering team and customers are not permitted to provide their own catering.

Which meals are included?2020-11-03T17:09:14+00:00

Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served in the Marden dining area and on arrival you will be allocated a dedicated time for the duration of your stay.  We do ask that you to arrive promptly at your allocated time for dining.

Is there a kitchen?2020-11-03T15:27:52+00:00

There are no cooking facilities or utensils available however guests in shared facilities will be able to use the serviced kitchen to make themselves tea/coffee but please note that tea/coffee is not provided.

What time is check out?2020-11-03T15:26:33+00:00

Guests must vacate their rooms promptly by 10am on the day of departure to enable our cleaners to deep clean and service the rooms and ensure the smooth running of our changeover procedure.  Keys should be returned to the group organiser.  If you are part of a group which finishes later, we will notify you of the area in which you may store your luggage.

How late can we arrive?2020-11-03T15:25:58+00:00

This varies depending on where your accommodation is so if you arrive after the check in time, please follow the instructions on your confirmation letter.

How do we access the facilities?2020-11-03T15:25:35+00:00

Prior to your arrival you will be a provided with a keycode to gain access to all the areas you have booked; please note the keycode works on a time system.

Do we have to book sports facilities?2020-11-03T15:25:07+00:00

Yes, the group organiser will need to pre-book facilities prior to arrival.

Do you provide bedroom keys or cards?2020-11-03T15:24:38+00:00

A room key will be provided to guests staying in bedrooms and all guests staying in dormitory rooms will each be given their own key.

What time is check in?2020-11-03T15:24:14+00:00

Check in is from 3:00pm.  You may be able to arrive earlier to use the facilities but these must be booked in advance; a luggage store will be provided.

Is there a TV in the bedroom?2020-11-03T15:23:52+00:00

No, unfortunately there are no TVs in the bedrooms, however TVs are available in all common rooms.

Can I borrow a hairdryer or Iron?2020-11-03T15:23:30+00:00

Yes, subject to payment of a £5 refundable deposit; please ask at reception on arrival

Are there laundry facilities?2020-11-03T15:23:03+00:00

Yes, self-service machines are available to use for bookings of 4 days or more; detergent is not provided.

Which mobile phone networks do you have service for?2020-11-03T15:22:34+00:00

We have a dedicated Vodafone mast on site; no other networks are available.

Is there (free) WiFi available?2020-11-03T15:21:53+00:00

Yes, (free) Wi-Fi is available across the whole site you will be provided with login details on arrival.

Do the rates include VAT?2020-11-03T15:21:22+00:00

Yes, all rates include VAT.

How often is my room cleaned?2020-11-03T15:18:50+00:00

Your room is serviced daily with fresh bed linen and towels provided weekly.

Do you provide towels?2020-11-03T15:18:28+00:00

Yes, one towel per guest is provided and changed weekly; towels should not be removed from boarding houses.

How often is my bed linen changed?2020-11-03T15:18:04+00:00

Bed linen is changed on a weekly basis.

Do you provide bed linen?2020-11-03T15:17:37+00:00

Yes, we provide bed linen, duvet, sheets & pillows.

What types of bedroom do you have?2020-11-03T15:17:02+00:00

We have 8 boarding houses with a variety of rooms.

  • Single rooms with shared bathroom facilities
  • Dormitory rooms with shared bathroom facilities
  • Single en-suite rooms
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